Augmentation Program

About Augmentation

Augmentation allows junior water right holders and users in our valleys to use water while protecting senior water rights. Created through the 1969 Water Rights Determination and Administration Act, augmentation plans require junior water right holders to replace any significant water they use from a stream that is already over-appropriated (meaning it does not have enough water to meet the needs of all its water right holders).

Our Augmentation Program

The St. Vrain and Left Hand Water Conservancy District offers augmentation for any water user in the St. Vrain or Left Hand valleys who wants to use water out of priority and is required to augment (or replace) their use. We currently provide augmentation water for over 200 members.

Join Our Program as A Member

Step 1:

Before filling out an application for the augmentation program, please read both of the following:

Step 2:

Next, fill out the application linked below and read and sign the Agreement for Contract.

Step 3:

Finally, call the District office at 303-772-4060 for instructions to submit your request.

Further information on well permitting and augmentation plans can be found on the Division of Water Resources website.


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