Our Water Plan

The District has helped shape our valleys’ approach to water over the last five decades. For instance, fifty years ago, water planners thought on-channel reservoirs were the best solution to meet growing water demands. Today, we have many multiuse, off-channel, environmentally-friendly storage options. The District has played a key role helping to facilitate this change.

Water programs, services, and projects are more complex today than they were 50 years ago. The low-hanging fruit is gone. To succeed now and in the future, planners, leaders, and communities must be more creative and work more collaboratively. The District has a single, overarching mission – to steward the community’s water resources for all. With its singular focus, the District is an influential leader for the evolving and complex issues connected to our valleys’ water needs.

In 2020, voters approved implementation of the District’s Water Action Plan. The Action Plan concentrates District efforts and resources on key water issues, funding projects that align with one of the following five key points.

The Key Elements of the 5 Point Action Plan

Protect Water


Protect water quality and drinking water sources

Preserve Water Supplies


Safeguard and Conserve Water Supplies

Grow Local Food


Grow local food

Store Water


Store water for dry years

Maintain Healthy Rivers and Creeks


Maintain Healthy Rivers and Creeks


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